Ottawa-valley performer, poet, music educator, and songwriter Birdie Whyte, is a storyteller rooted in the folk tradition, and sings with a quintessential country vocal tenor that channels the aching geniality of classics Townes van Zandt and Gillian Welch. Birdie's songs are witty, insightful and full of color and energy when brought to life with her band The Hidden Connections.

Birdie’s recording debut, the 2016 EP Going to the Races (produced by John Carroll) is anchored in the banjo, her primary instrument. Growing up, Birdie did not sing or play an instrument and never once dreamed of doing so, though joked once at a party that if she played anything it would be a banjo.

One day, when enduring a particularly tough time in her life, Birdie’s friends pooled their money together and purchased a banjo to surprise her, the ultimate kickstarter of the Birdie Whyte show. Since then, songs have been pouring out; telling tales of the ocean, country-living, horses, love and longing.

For her upcoming full-length release, Birdie has recorded with Mike Burnelle and Ken Voita at MUSH MUSH STUDIO in New Middle Cornwall, NS and Stefan Ramey at CONQUERALL MUSIC STUDIOS in Conqerall Mills, NS.  Birdie plans to complete the record with engineer Dave Bignall in Ottawa (Red Squares, Megan Jerome, Lynn Miles, Ian Tamblyn) at HEAT OF SOUND STUDIOS over the summer of 2018. BIRDIE WHYTE & THE HIDDEN CONNECTIONS is slated to be released in Ottawa at legendary live music hotspot, IRENE’S PUB in the spring 2019.

Birdie Whyte has showcased at OTTAWA FOLK FESTIVAL, OTTAWA BLUESFEST THE BACKROAD BALL & THE ATLANTIC CANADA HARMONICA FESTIVAL, and has shared the stage with Little Miss Higgins, John Carroll, Catriona Sturton, and Rebelle. An active member of the Ottawa-Gatineau music community, alongside singing and performing, Birdie Whyte is a longstanding local promoter and concert planner, curating and hosting events at various venues, hosting THE WORLD FAMOUS TUESDAY NIGHT OPEN MIC at The Chateau Lafyaette from 2010-2016. Most significantly her current project at KAFFE 1870 in Wakefield, called BIRDIE WHYTE & THE AREA PLAYERS is in its third year running! A Live & Local series Birdie curates and hosts herself, featuring local talent from the 613 819 areas. 



Gillian Welch, Iris Dement, Amelia Curran, Townes Van Zandt, Eliza Gilkinson, Penny Lang



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